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I found this song by accident and it made me buy his album (<3 acid jazz)


I don't know what's gotten into my art lately, but I like it!  I think maybe it's the coffee I had the other day- I never drink coffee o_O.  I'm so excited that I'm 3 months into my drawing objective!    At the 6 month mark I really hope to have made more progress in rendering human figures more accurately.  I've been focusing mostly on getting the face and upper body right and not drawing full body pictures publicly.  I guess I'm doing what people calling a drawing prompt, where I try to draw the energy and gestures of random things I find on the internet so I can learn where the feeling goes.  Got sidetracked tonight by doodling up my OCs- hopefully I'll have all 6 done by the end of my 4 day weekend *_*  (edit:  I have 8 now, jeezus I need to quit while I'm ahead ><)


This is where I normally hide out.  I'm less ashamed of it and am willing to share it finally.  I'm a post bomber so I should be using this instead of assaulting people on DA with my scribbles and doodles constantly.


Not quite the ggrks cover I was looking for, but I'm too lazy to grab it off of niconico- here's the youtube with no translation (sorry >< google the translated version if you don't already know this song xD)  this is way too comical xD

Kids, cover your eyes, this post is for the grownups!!  click away or scroll away now!

I'm feeling kinda weird.  Especially when I TOTALLY color someone else's lines probably not the way they wanted.  It's like laying the lines down on the tablet and making sweet sweet messy color love with the lines until they're unrecognizable and have to do the walk of shame into my gallery.  Color all over the damn place!  It's so rewarding and I appreciate all the artists on DA who offer their lines up to the unholy masses and let strangers touch their lines.  THANK YOUUU Glomp emoticon 

7/6  yay almost time to go back to work again :iconlazycryplz:
I've been using this bamboo tablet since I bought it about 3 years ago in Japan.  Tiny lil' thing- bought it so I could color lineart and mess around when I was bored, which was often.

But.  @#$%.  I'm going out of my mind trying to learn to use this thing for practical application.  I can't explain how hard it is for me to not look down and see what I am doing and to try and not freak out because I can't see where my hand is going. 

Then, looking at art vlogs and blogs people talk about this new invention since they created tablets.  INTERACTIVE HD Tablet!!!!  I remember like 10 years ago when it was like, OMG, tablet holy poo- but now they have INTERACTIVE HD Tablets you can look down and see what you're doing!  :la:  Only have to shell out a grand or near that amount to get one :iconlazycryrollplz:

#@$%.  Where am I gonna get that kind of money :?:  While I ponder on that,  That's where I am with digital drawing.  I am at my mental limit of using this tiny digital 7-8 or so tablet.  I am not professional, but I want to take it to the next level...  This feels right, but is it?  I have to sit on this feeling for a few months to really decide. 


Pardon my bad transliteration, but this looks like Spinal Fluid Explosion girl sung by 32 people (VOCALOID/ Gumi) song.  I was looking for the original parody, but this is more amusing.  Enjoy xD

haha sorry, I am not fluent, even mildly-  today I have seen a lot of amazing art from a lot of amazing people.  I like DA very much and am so glad to have come back.  Even if it's slight, people improve.  I am having the most enjoyable time going through my favorites, llama'ing people I didn't know I could llama before and finding out they're all super awesome and professional now.  Reminder- if I fave/llama you you don't have to comment/llama/fav back xD!!    It is just overdue appreciation!!

みんなさん がんばって!!  Everyone, do your best!  (DA journal entry is being racist, this was my original title ><)


You ever look at an art on DA that just grabs you by the throat and bodyslams you into its awesomeness.  I sure as hell have.  It's a shame their gallery is locked out, I don't feel right sharing the links since they've locked everything off.  but holy @#$%...  I've never seen red black and white used with such painful precision and intensity in my life O_O $#!7...

I had a bad week at work so my fingers are sore and abused, I need to rest them but I am a compulsory drawer >< 

After absorbing critiques I am upacking some brushes advised to me.

Sorry, having a double rainbow moment here.  Omg.  BRUSHES.  All this time I was literally using maybe 1-3 brushes max.  I don't know how to use these @_@.  You mean to tell me I don't have to make the textures on my own.  I am beating myself up for no reason.  REally.  You've. got. to be KIDDING ME!! :icontableflipplz: omggg  this will take a while x_x Understanding: Loading please wait. :iconwaitplz:

Also,  I'm OC Open Canvas Loyal.  I love how my lines are smooth in OC, and Photoshop is kind of choppy in comparison.  I'll try to give it another shot ><  Brushes I have are for photoshop (i'm scared of that problem) I was advised of paint too SAI and another program, but I don't have SAI money ^^;;  I'll see what I can accomplish here

Minor news:  I'm years late to the naruto party- they killed off my baby Itachi.  I am just beginning to fanmourn ><;; (he was one of the first hotties I ever tried to draw- how could they!!! ;------; )


I may not fully understand what I am saying I am willing to do, but I think I have enough confidence to open up collabing.  I want to color more stuff!  I want to practice color application and I want to do it on... other people's lines xD   But not just any stuff, so please do not be sad if I decline.  note me please if you are interested!!


I'm at real risk of turning my title into the doge meme or even double rainbow because I'm excited!  I joined

:iconprojectcomment:  :icongrowing-artists:  and :iconcolorists-unite:  upon advice of a forum member when I cried about not knowing where to go to get constructive feedback so I can grow and learn from my mistakes.  I'm definitely not one of those who  fight too much if given critique.  I get that I put a lot of effort and work into most of my more recent submissions, so if someone tells me it sucks and and they tell me what I can do to fix it (really important), I'll totally be feeling that.    My last submission is way too dark- even I can see it now-  you're supposed to do a value check and I didn't do that-  you can't tell the subject from the background - all the colors in the world mean nothing if you don't know what you're looking at :lol:


You do not have to fav or watch me or give me points- I give the cutie llamas out to people who are deserving.  And given the fact I JUST realized I can do this, you can imagine I have a huge ass task of tracking down everybody i've favorited and putting fluffy llamas stickers on their page.  Think of a favorite as me,  reaching for and grabbing your hand as you motion to walk away and go back to what you are doing... and a llama like me pulling you towards me, wrapping my arms around you and---:iconsnugplz:  *cough*  ok maybe that's a little too much-   maybe it should be a vision of me cheering you on like a spastic fangirl instead... yeah!  *cough :blush: cough*

Omg.  I did not mean to do a full year straight away ><  I just wanted to change my username for safety reasons and meant to click the 1 month sub- it was defaulted to 1 year and when I went to double check, I clicked continue instead ;w;
...  guess you guys are going to be stuck with me using this account more!  Hope you're ready!!


Every night, I've been drawing a sketch or drawing of some sort, mostly using my OCs as willing/unwilling victims as I teach myself how to draw better and try to use more correct techniques.  This DA account has always been my "dump" type account where I post whatever I feel like posting.  I'm not trying to fish for anything other than critiques and feedback on my work, and I feel like DA falls short here.  I also find it kind of disconcerting how much brony  fanart is everywhere-  it's like DA has been overun with MLP fandom.  I really seriously need meaningful feedback on the execution of my drawings.  I don't know that having a sub account will get that for me, so if anyone reading this knows for sure please let me know.  

This DA stash thing is new to me- I just use my personal tumblr/ photobucket normally to stash my work and just post straight on here- not comfortable using the stash thing yet because I'll forget I did it that way ;-;


I've spent the last couple of days locked away in "my dungeon" (apartment) just praticising.  Shutting everything out, and drawing, painting.  Sucking at painting, but still trying nonetheless.    Not like I was good at it when I stopped so meh.    Have to go to work tomorrow once the holiday is over (T_T) but bills must be paid!  Such is the life of a typical responsible adult.  

I have to say, there's something gratifying about being able to look down at my paper and see that I am drawing something I want to draw, the way I want it to come out.  Being able to see is one thing, render has always been the other.  My hope is that a year from now, I will have at least some slight improvment in my rendering ability, digitally and offline.  I need to set attainable goals, else I will wander aimlessly back and forth between objectives:

Desire:  Be able to render human figure in realistic poses, full body.  Regain confidence with inking.
Desire:   Be able to make more use of color scheme to set mood in painting
Desire:  Be able to render more detailed backgrounds
Additional desire:  to stop feminizing male renderings if they are not meant to be feminine >< ///

Timetable:  1 year from May

So far, I have dedicated myself to scribbling something at least 1x a day, even if I don't complete the scribble or color at least 1x a day.    Depending on how I feel about my ability, I may open requests up to an ask status, or even go so far as to go to Gaia and commission for game money like I used to so I can get drawing practice in a safe environment.  I don't understand DA points and don't feel right asking to commission on DA for anything just yet.

Not 100% sure I want to commit to any special projects that aren't my own yet.  I would give my left boob if I could have a team of people willing to help me with my personal project, but that's a day and year if not years away from happening...

And my DA.  I turned off pageviews, because even though I am delighted when people recognize my drawings and colorings, I need to focus out and away from getting attention right now.  When I regain confidence that I am learning the correct way to draw and coloring things, maybe that will change.  Right now I am in a very fragile state, like baby embryoish and just want to re-learn what I've forgotten, and learn correctly what I need to re-learn.  Putting myself under the "Hobbyist" tag instead of student for me takes the pressure off of being expected to know what I am doing XD;;  Aren't all artists who respect the craft students at some form or level?  Even those who master their particular craft, there are things they can learn outside of their specialty, I think.  

After years of doodling, I realize that I love to color more than ink or even pencil.  But right now, it takes a bit out of me, because I am still thinking, still trying to carefully plan out color arrangements that make sense and harmony.  I don't know how to explain it artistically, but I like dark/ barely visible, desaturated, contrasting, glowing things.  Probably expect to see this more as I practice?

My Pixiv (started to post a few things)


Earlier in May..

I can't take it anymore.  I really have been near losing my mind trying to force myself to learn to use my digital tablet as my only source of being able to draw. 

I lost figure dummy, all my inks, pens, tools quite some time ago and just did not have it in me to buy them again.

Where do I begin again?  I have performance anxiety and feel ashamed to even try to use pencil on paper again.  My wrist is starting to ache, so I have to do something.  I found myself looking at even my commissioned lines, frustrated, because I could accurately trace the lines with my pen while looking at the screen, but my hand wiggled and wobbled the minute I went back to using my tablet.  If I can't see where my hand is going, it's difficult ;-;

Hopefully by saturday, I will begin again.  I need to rest though and give my hand a break in the interim.  I bought more color mediums than I've ever had before irl, only digitally.  oil, water color and acryllic.  I've used water color and acryllic before, but not oil.  I figure the color mixing is all the same, just have to learn how much and practice making my pallete.

And looking into that share learn site to find out if there are any classes avail for practice pointers- there's one class that looks particularly interesting
Sidenote:  does anyone notice how Hetalia is lacking African representation? -_-;;;

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