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Phoenix Down
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Guys I post infrequently here, you are best to find me on these websites:



TWITTER (feeds from tumblr)

PATREON (not active, TBD)


Personal Quote: "If one person understands, then it was worth the trouble"

Commission Pricing Chart

(text version,  image version coming soon)


  1.  If you are interested in commissioning me, note me first and give me as much detail as possible about the character appearance.  Please provide any images, if you have references, more references, the better.
  2.  Once we have agreement please send 1/2 of the commission payment to the paypal address specified.  This is like a handshake and will hold your slot in reserve.  The other 1/2 is expected once the commission is completed.  I will accept multiple currencies but all commissions are quoted in USD, please keep this in mind when sending payment.  Please put your DA/Tumblr/FA/etc username in the paypal notes so I can find you quickly <3

Depending on my schedule I may be streaming live as I work on the commission.  I will work to contact you first with a draft to make sure the commission is as requested before moving forward.  I do work a day job but I am here 24/7, note me if anything comes up or if you have questions about your commission or want to make changes.


Commission Slots (These may increase as time permits)

  1.  OPEN
  2.  OPEN
  3.  --------
  4.  --------



Commission Types:

Portrait/ Headshot/Bust (Single Character,  Second Character is 25% off Max 2 characters)

  • SKETCH B/W $10 USD
  • SKETCH FULL COLOR (no bg) $15 USD

Waist Up/ 3/4  (Single Character,  Second Character is 25% off Max 2 characters)

  • SKETCH B/W $15 USD
  • SKETCH FULL COLOR (no bg, detailing included) $25

Full Body

  • (closed for now)

COLOR ONLY COMMISSION *('Super-Secret' Special Request)

I am open for coloring illustrations at this time.
Please note me so we can discuss, and for me to provide sample color on your illustration.


PAYMENT FINE DETAILS (the nitty gritty)

Payment: I can accept:   

Paypal only

Currencies accepted, you do not have to convert first, I will accept the conversion cost on my own no additional charge:


* If you are in the US, send as a gift.  In the notes include your DA/ Tumblr/FA/etc name so I can keep track of payment.  Outside of the Us, I think it will charge a small percentage extra to send payment If this has changed please let me know.  Thank you for understanding. 

*All Commissions are quoted in USD

*For all currencies: Please be sure to match the currency total to the original USD commission total when sending payment

*Once a commission has been agreed upon, please send 1/2 payment to PayPal e-mail as specified to hold the commission slot.   The balance is to be sent upon completion of the commission



  • Humans and humanoid type (Elves, humanoid aliens, etc)
  • Furry (please keep in mind my drawing/color style when requesting)
  • Blood & Gore (mild, please ask first)
  • Yaoi/Yuri (implied or themed, please ask first)
  • Artistic nude (Subject may be nude but the subject’s pose is not meant to provoke sexual arousal.  If you are not sure please ask)



  • CP/Anything that depicts children sexually
  • Fetishes (a lot of things fall into this category, if you’re not sure ask)
  • Graphic/explicit sexual nudity (the goal is to arouse the viewer, may or may not have bodily fluids shown)
  • Chibis

THE FINE PRINT (personal use, privacy opt out requests, lost picture request)

All commissions are for personal usage only, unless otherwise noted.  If there is intention to use a commission for public/commercial use, please talk to me first so we can discuss.  I retain the right to show the commission in my body of work; however you can request the commission to be privately shared only and not submitted to a website (such as tumblr/ DA) for public view.  If you lose your picture due to website/pc wipe I will make a best effort to replace, just note/e-mail me and I will locate it for you as soon as possible.


<3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you, and thank you again for visiting me and viewing my information!  <3 <3 <3 <3

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